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Passport photos - reliable and professional

Passport photos instantly, without an appointment!

Need official passport photos quickly and easily? Studio Fotocenter offers a reliable and professional passport photo service that meets official requirements and ensures a smooth passport application process.

  • Passport photo for ID card, passport or driving licens
  • For passports and ID cards, we upload the photos directly to the police electronic system.
  • Also visa photos
  • If you wish, you can take the paper photos with you (+5 €).

How does it work?

No need to book an appointment

The passport photo can be taken immediately, within minutes, without the need for an appointment.

Come by our store

A professional photographer will take your picture. You get to see and choose the picture you want before it is sent to the police.

Quality and approval

We ensure that the passport photo meets all official requirements before sending it electronically to the police. At this stage, we need a phone number to which the photo ID will be sent.

Renew your passport

Once you have received a photo ID on your phone, the photo is valid for 6 months. You can easily apply for a new passport online at Your photo will appear in your application when you fill in your photo ID.

Price: 22€


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